Capturing The Moment on 08-13-2022


Had a fantastic birthday party at Lake Murray Beach Park. The day started out with Amy carrying a bouquet of roses. My mom comments that there are beautiful roses for a beautiful lady and Amy sat down next to her and said yes they are and handed my mom the roses and said thank you for bringing me into the world. She captured my mom’s heart and it set the stage for what would be a wonderful day. Mom (Susan-Adair Nelson) Made my favorite seafood boil and My son Josh made from scratch carrot cupcakes with my favorite cream cheese frosting. Amy and Elizabeth did some clay crafting and made me a special necklace with Grannie spelled out in beads and with a precious clay flower pendant. They also made me a little turtle and frog. Hopefully, Josh Robin uploads those pics. Donnie (Gray Wolf) wasn’t going to make it for the event but at the last minute this morning, he said he was going to be able to go. That brightened my day! Carrie Adair Ryan whispered lovingly in my ear that I was a dusty old fart and I think it’s a grand compliment because nobody really loves a wet fresh fart..right?

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