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For those of you who know or have followed Sidney I wanted to let you know he has passed away at 13 years old of natural causes. Thanks to the help he received as a young cat he lived a good long, happy spoiled life. For those who don’t know Sidney here is his story:

I was just an ordinary cat
May 6th 2005 10:23 pm
Hey friends,
I have become kinda famous in my neighborhood and with a few folks on the Court TV message boards.

I was once just a regular guy, I know I was special because I had a great family but I was just like the rest, I ate, I played, I slept you know cat stuff.

Well one day I was doing my cat thing outside and some dude really didn’t like cats, he shot me….I couldn’t believe it, here I am just doing what I do in an area that is filled with little kids, free roaming dogs and cats, its a family area and this guy pulled a gun….that just ain’t right.

Well he seared my hind leg and took out my front leg. It took me about 10 days to get home and when I got home my human cried. She said she didn’t have the money to get me fixed up, I was looking at death by lethal injection, all because I wanted to enjoy earth….I mean come’on I have a right to be here don’t I? I was born on earth, that means I have a right to enjoy it…but anyway she wasn’ t about to leave me in pain.

She had been posting on the message boards about something to do with other humans hurting other humans and she decided to confide in these folks about what some human did to me. Oh these guys were not going to let me die over this. They called my vet and said get that boy fixed up! They donated all the money to my vet and I was in surgery quicker than I could say good bye to my testicles. I really miss those guys.

Well I woke up and that arm that was hurting so much was gone. My humans came to visit me, I was still unconscious but I knew what they were saying, they were saying Sid ol’ boy, you are safe now and you have a lot of people to thank.

I do, I really do, cuz today I am doing great. I get around like any other cat and I am looking just as fine as I always did.

I really want to thank those guys, I am alive today because you took me into your heart and helped me when I was down.

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