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Yard Full of Wheelchair Ramp Parts!

I woke up to the sound of a motorcycle coming into my driveway.  My bedroom is on the very corner where the mobile home meets the kennel fence.  Amy looked over the kennel to see a nice looking bike with an equally nice looking rider letting us know there was a truck coming up the drive to drop off some more scrap lumber for the wheelchair ramp.

I got some batteries to take pics at my mom’s birthday visit so I had bats to finally get some pics of these ramp parts.

This is the layout of my side yard as seen from the street side. I cannot access the mobile home from the front as I cannot manage the stairs.  Since the house is built on top of an embankment, there is no sense in even building a wheelchair ramp because we do not have a driveway and with a ramp installed in the front yard, there would be no place to park the car…making the ramp rather useless.  It is further useless because I can only access two rooms in the front part of the house.  Without modifications my access to  the rear of the house is restricted so I do not use the front of the house right now.

sideyardlayout.jpg Driveway, House, Office Layout picture by Rayhawk

I use the rear rooms of the house and there is a door on the mobile home side of the kennel that allows me to exit into the Kennel, through the office, then exit through the office door which is on the side where the tree is. We don’t have stairs there either, I have a step stool at the moment and need help getting up and down when I want to come into the driveway.  When the ramp is built the stairs that were bought with donations from Wish Upon A Hero will be moved to the side entry for everyone else to use.  I will have a gate built into the side of the kennel that will be wheelchair accessible so I will be entering the driveway from the kennel side and no longer from the office door.

This brings me out to the driveway. We park our car where the blue walker is standing at the moment. Because of the ditch crossing the driveway just above the “mobile home” text, I cannot get my wheelchair down this part of the drive without help. The walker is left standing because I cannot bear weight upon it and travel over the ditch, so someone brought my chair outside for me to take photos.

Here is the collection of lumber materials.  Someone donated a whole deck and the guys went and cut the deck into pieces to bring here to create a deck and ramp.

The largest part on the top of this pile will be used as the top landing/deck. The smaller pieced under along with others that in shown in another photo will make up the higher/steeper part of the ramp. The scrap lumber under the deck and more in another photo will be used to make the lower landing.

rampsections1.jpg Decking and Ramp Parts picture by Rayhawk

These smaller sections will be used at the higher/steeper part of the ramp. As the ramp nears the lower level we will use the salvaged lumber to build the landing

rampsection2.jpg Ramp Parts picture by Rayhawk

These are the salvaged rails from the donated deck. They will be used to build a railing system on the wheelchair ramp. The ramp must be built at a 3 foot rise and 30 feet in length. The rise of the ramp will make it dangerous if there are no side rails. These will come in very handy!

ramprails1.jpg Railing Parts picture by Rayhawk

These pieces will be used to secure the frame for the kennel gate

footerpart1.jpg Footer Pieces picture by Rayhawk

They scrapped all the lumber when they tore out this donated deck. We have some full 4 X 4’s and some that are cut up. Not sure where they will be used yet but there they are šŸ™‚

lumberpart1.jpg Lumber Parts picture by Rayhawk

So, that is where we are in the progress right now.  We are still waiting for the 3.0 door and more materials to make the kennel gate.  The gate must go in first, then the 3.0 door, then they will begin turning this lumber pile into a platform deck and 30 foot ramp.  The ramp is expected to end at the section of kennel to the right of the blue walker in the first picture.  There is a tree in the kennel we have to clear.  The gate should open up right where the pile of decking in front of the walker.  That will bring me right to the place where we park our car.  We might have to lay a cement walk way from the end of the ramp to beyond the kennel door for safe passage, but that will not be a costly project as the space from ramp to outside of the kennel should be only about 15 feet.

That is the update…thanks for reading

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    Awesome! I am glad you are getting the ramps installed!

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